I was born on January 1992, in the state of Texas. My first light, I opened my eyes to a beautiful 17 year old mother with her own history of drama and redemptions like any other. The establishment at the time, politically strategized a state by state method of governance. Throughout my childhood, I would assimilate into an elder-made culture full of invisible forces of ambiguity including religion, money, history, and college systems. Upon my graduation from a small 2A public high school alongside 86 other students, I would shoulder a unique set of definitions as to who and what I would become to the world. I took the values of academics, religion, music, and curiousity with me to a small private college called Howard Payne University, in Brownwood, Texas. There I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies with a minor in Music. I also took astronomy lab and analyzed stellar spectroscopy data, gave speeches in communications class, intro to psychology, etc. My transcript results indicated a 3.2 GPA. I graduated a semester early and shouldered a comparatively small student loan debt. I heard of other amounts told me by other students of different majors and schools that were much higher. These debts would go on to be considered a national crisis by “big media.” My nature quickly turned from happy-go-lucky to a stern financial insecurity. I gorged myself with countless YouTube videos spanning topics from cooking to skilled labor to music and science. I sought to decrypt the monetary constraints around me like a sign-of-the-times author seeking the zeitgeist. I reached for clarity with existential angst. I thought, I need to flip the script from a consumer mindset to a producer mindset. Enough of asking for help, I needed to be the help. The spring after my college graduation I followed a lead I noticed online for a position in Austin, Tx that seemed to do with my background. The position was titled Worship Development Intern. The organization was called Austin Stone. Excited to put my efforts towards something with others, I arrived at onboarding along with lawyers, engineers, psychologists, musicians, theologians, wood workers, architects, etc. I was trained by leadership on fund raising strategy. I was taught how to articulate the vision of the organization and recruit private supporters. Essentially, this was not business-minded investment language concerned with the economy. It was an outreach for support from a corporate demographic with all sorts of backgrounds. It was everyone-for-themselves, with an ever-present tone of empathy. Which is what life is all about anyways. Sometimes, we need to put ourselves in the arena to understand that only we are responsible for creating systems of budgetary constraints and the logistic of how to galvanize those investment directions. My first year in Austin challenged me to the point of just about mental breakdown. My second year was a new chapter completely as I ventured away from anything resembling my former culture and taking on a more antisocial roles of self-employment and restaurant jobs. I started to observe the unfolding dimensions of humanity around me and researched new networks, acquired new skills, battled feelings of failure and insecurity, lived with roommates, family, and currently alone with a dog named Scout.

I am now wrapping up my sixth year of living in Austin, Texas. Through internet research and practice, I’ve become somewhat of an armchair psychotherapist, naturopath, sociologist, and electrical technologist. I’m slowly acquiring certifications as I take on contract work and building things one step at a time. I’ve got side projects like book writing, podcast scripts, and non-profit involvement in societal discussions. You’ll find me practicing frugality and minimalism, talking to clients, reading machine manuals, making money moves, dieting and cleansing. There’s a lot of information out there. I’m trying to filter the noise. I love talking about big data, the economy, branding, hustles, home remodeling projects, privacy versus transparency, social theories and issues.

The site displays my archival signature chronologies and all embedded securities therein.

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