Musika Lessons

In the Spring of 2018, I partnered with in order to streamline my clientele for vocal recording arts coaching. I use my background from when I was a student in my younger years and all my professional involvements afterward in wedding bands, religious services, or auditions and contests. If you’re interested in taking lessons, sign up for a risk-free trial! Or if you’re curious about teaching opportunities, visit the site and see how you can join our growing nationwide community!


Since 2018, I’ve partnered with TaskRabbit to provide residential maintenance and services such as moving, lawn upkeep, renovating, repairing, restoring, painting, sanding, flooring, installation, etc. I subscribe to carefully selected YouTube and Google channels for best practices and ideas.


Being in the age of ridesharing, companies like Lyft employ thousands on their platform and create an intelligent solution to transportation. I’ve personally clocked over 7,500 rides on the platform and plan to give more in the future. Questions regarding Individual Tax Classification and insurance coverage while on the app waiting for a ride can be found in the driver app. In one year, driving full time, I clocked 60,000 miles. I had to get an oil change every month and had to buy all four new tires as well as wash and clean the car inside and out twice a month. At about $0.32-38 per mile, that would put me at about $21,000 annual salary. If you include the tips I made that number increases to about $30,000. At $2,500 per month, I was able to cover apartment rent for approx. $1,200 per month, utilities at $50 per month, car cleaning at $30 per month, car payment at $432 per month, phone at $80 per month, food and gas at $600 per month, and only had about $100 for paying down student loans. Driving for Lyft seems like a good option for some. I recommend using it sparingly and making the effort to apply your skills in other areas of opportunity as best you can to maximize your time.

Download LYFT to get a ride or become a driver today!

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Your food…delivered to your doorstep fast. I’ve personally delivered over 1,300 meals and groceries to customers since joining Favor and plan to deliver more in the future. Similar to Favor, Shipt provides a tech platform to receive delivery jobs from grocery stores specifically. I’ve only just signed on with it Fall 2019 and have completed a handful of orders. I plan to keep this one in my back pocket! Yet another grocery shopping platform I’m on is Instacart. Shipt wasn’t available in my home town when I went to visit family but I wanted to make some cash, so I found that Instacart was active there.

Download Favor to order from your favorite restaurant or store, or become a courier today! Have someone shop and deliver your groceries with Instacart or Shipt!

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One day, I woke up and realized that I should acquire the lifeskill of cooking beyond microwave dinners. So I got my start by completing my food handlers safety course and got hired and trained at Dominos Pizza. There was plenty of work to go around. I would carry 20 pizzas at once in giant bags and waddle into classes at the University of Texas. I worked at one of the busiest locations in the nation with General Manager Chris Thornton for 1.5 years cooking, cleaning, prepping, and delivering with my car. Chris and I got along great, shared an interest in folk music and I learned he actually spent some undergraduate time studying Aerospace Engineering.

The restaurant industry is not for the faint at heart. I made some friends at Dominos, but when it was time to move on I left. Soon after, I got an interview for a line cook position at Brookdale Senior Living. There, I received large notebooks of training materials on the Brookdale Standard by the head chef and prepared meals for 80 seniors according to dietary and preparatory needs. Just as I was getting the hang out of it, the lead chefs left us and I was left without access to the food ordering system or any way of maintaining the groove I was getting into. I wasn’t as confident in my role. With the shift in management taking place I fell behind from being overwhelmed and was let go on good terms.

BUT I didn’t give up there! Soon after, I scored a position at a popular food truck on 80 Rainey Street in downtown Austin called White Girl Asian. We prepared tried and true flavors of rice bowls and tacos on a flat top grill and served up the folks running wild on the tourist trap that is this particular area of Austin. Unfortunately, because it’s the service industry, I was ran out of the truck by a violently disgruntled coworker. The truck owner, Bobby jo Rice, had to call the police on her and I simply didn’t have time for that. Turns out that truck was a bit of a revolving door with employee retention. Yelp reviews can attest to its varying degrees of quality. I know I did my best to timely and deliver quality every time. Eventually I had to take a break from the restaurant business and started cooking for myself at home and learning new recipes! Here’s an interview with the owner and Vice if you’re interested!