The Studio

IMG_0954Musika Music Lessons

I’m teaming up with Musika Music Lessons to offer a great deal on vocal recording arts! You can schedule a risk-free trial at any time and it’s only $30 per session after that!


My First Album

The making of “Living” was a time of learning to appreciate the simple beauty of speaking and receiving a fit response. Have an outward-faced disposition. Contain your mind in words. Emerge. I hope in listening to these songs we can connect in a pure way. As an independent artist, I count on connection based on real and direct relationships. If you want to help me, subscribe to this website, visit the online store or send a gift.

Original Artist: Kygo

Song: Permanent

Album: Kids In Love

Remix Artist: Alex Caro




Photo Nov 17, 4 21 58 PMConcerts featuring myself and/or my voice students are listed here. Guests of students receive free admission and fans can purchase tickets through our online portal.


Saturday, July 28 – Musika Student Concert




Private Event Tickets



Tune in LIVE



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