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Alex Caro Handyman

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I’m a local proprietor with years of industry experience. I value honesty and integrity in all aspects of business. I offer a variety of home improvement services that are customizable to each individual project. I specialize in handyman work and a variety of related service and repair projects. I pride myself and any partnerships involved on the quality of work. I look forward to building lasting relationships with clients and guarantee your satisfaction! The interior budget thresholds and financial status of Alex Caro Handyman are available upon request.

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Work Order Request Ticket

Submit a work order request ticket and I will begin processing your request. The first contact will be an email. Reply with as much detail about your project as possible. I will consider the scope and assemble the team and materials necessary. I will pitch competitive bids to attract skill and cooperation. Stay in communication with me by tuning into LIVE, on-the-job progress. You'll also receive before and afters or custom designs by request.


Watch me LIVE

Use your phone, tablet or laptop from anywhere to watch me live with Periscope. Simply Login or Sign Up and follow me!

YouTube Subscriptions – I subscribe to several repair, remodeling, and installation channels to stay up-to-date on the latest how to’s, safety measures and best practices. Per job, I do a quick overlook of many online product information sources to gain insight along the way using optimized Google searches.

Budget Adjustments

This link is set up as a shortcut to budgeting adjustments as they’re needed. Need more paint than expected? Did a repair lead to a more expensive discovery? Easily increase in $100 increments. Just multiply your increments by entering how many times below.